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Pool Design Services in Brevard County, Florida

Pool Design Virtual Tour Videos

We offer an immersive pool design experience through captivating virtual tours tailored for clients in Brevard County, Florida. Utilizing state-of-the-art virtual reality technology, we transport our clients into their future outdoor oasis, allowing them to explore and interact with the envisioned pool design in a realistic virtual environment. From the gentle rustle of palm trees to the sparkling play of sunlight on the water, every detail is meticulously crafted to provide a truly engaging and informative experience.

By providing virtual tours, we empower our clients to envision the full potential of their outdoor space, fostering confidence and excitement as they embark on the journey of pool transformation.

Our Comprehensive Pool Designs Include:

  • Comprehensive Site Assessment: We’ll conduct a thorough evaluation of your property to assess numerous factors such as, yard space, building setback requirements, terrain, and existing infrastructure.
  • Material Selection Assistance: We’ll help you choose the perfect materials for your pool, from waterline tiles to patio surfaces, ensuring durability, style, and cohesion with your outdoor space.
  • Technical Expertise: With decades of experience in pool design and construction, Scott Thompson will offer valuable insights and recommendations to optimize your pool’s layout, features, and amenities.
  • Personalized Design Concept: After Collaborating with the client in the initial Design Consultation Meeting, we will consider all the attributes of the clients home & property. We will incorporate the features and styles of the client likes to create the perfect Conceptual Pool Plan for the client.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

The typical consult meeting takes about one hour. You can expect to receive the Conceptual Design Plan within one week.

Every project is different. The cost is based on the complexity of the project and time involved in creating the design. The general rule of thumb is that it will be equal to about 1% of the actual pool building project . We can give you an estimate before the appointment if you like.

No problem! We will work to modify your pool plan. Often during the creative process, we find there are ways to make improvements.  We will make most revision changes at no additional cost.

The Conceptual Design Plan is a “to scale” drawing complete with the square footages of pool size, patio space etc. You will be able to present the drawing it to the Pool Contractor (or contractors) you would like to consider for the construction of the pool. Having your own plan will simplify the bid process immensely. All your quotes will be uniform based on the same specs. You can expect the cost estimates will be more favorable, and you won’t have to sit through numerous long meetings with pool salespeople.